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Coax Induction Heater

The Portable Induction Heating Unit, known simply as the B-1A Unit, is ideal for soldering semi-rigid cable connectors, hermetic sealing, induction brazing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and a multitude of heat-treating operations. Shown with the supplied concentrator designed for soldering on semi-rigid SMA style connectors. Typical soldering time is five seconds. When used to solder on semi-rigid connectors, 100% penetration is expected due to the concentration and uniformity of heat. The solder is actually pulled through the connector housing by positioning it accordingly in the concentrator. The solder joints are vibration-proof and cosmetically exemplary. Many different concentrators are available from the factory which simply bolt onto the front of the unit for whichever connector style you need to solder. Contact the factory for more information regarding cable/connector combinations.


The B-1A Unit is a self-contained production line tool, capable of efficient, high-speed operation. Because of the low price, five or six B-1A Units can be located at key in-plant stations for less than the cost of one large immobile induction heater. Multiple installations offer maximum flexibility and can improve production efficiency.


Simplified Design:

The B-1A Unit is air-cooled. No water pipes or fittings to install.


Extremely Safe:

Less hazardous than a soldering iron. The operator is safe from shock, and RF burns. Unit meets FCC requirements.


Manual or Automatic:

The unit can be operated manually with a foot switch, or automatically with the built-in digital timer. The timer can be set for different profiles for particular soldering operations. Semi-rigid connectors can be soldered using pre-cut solder rings with the timer to produce exact repeated results.


Efficient and Dependable:

Although output is rated at 700 watts, the efficiency of the single-turn concentrator design gives performance equal to or greater than many high-powered units of conventional design.



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