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Semi-Rigid Coax Facer

This tool has been developed as an efficient means of removing the excess cable jacket and solder from cables and connectors that incorporate the inner conductor as the connector center contact pin after being pointed with the T-590/T-585 Pointer. The T-580 accommodates straight or pre-bent assemblies of a wide variety. Smear-free interfaces are achieved by the use of replaceable carbide cutters. The built-in micrometer stop may be pre-set for strict process control. This same micrometer stop may also be used for controlled predetermined trimming of phase-matched cable assemblies when desired. The tool ships standard with a holding jaw for the normal SMA connector. Other custom jaws are available from the factory. It is recommended that this tool is ordered with a second T-580C Cutter so that one can be re-sharpened by the factory while the other is in use.



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