T-590 Pictures

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T-590 Pointer

The T-590 Pointer was carefully designed to point both straight and bent assemblies. This is made possible by the placement of the cutter at the top left corner of the machine, allowing clearance for most bent assemblies.

The unit is adjustable for desired center conductor length (Mil-standard .085 to .095 length). It comes available with a mil-standard 45 degree cutter.

Another important feature of the T-590 is that it points copper center conducters as well as copper clad conductors. Cutter Assembly sets can be purchased for 60, 75, and 90 degree point angles. You may also send in your cutter assembly to be resharpened.

A variable speed control located under the cover assembly is adjustable for optimum center conductor points that exhibit no smear. This is preset at the factory for copper and copper clad-center conductors.


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