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T-500D Digital Cut Off Saw

The T-500D Digital Cut-Off Saw is designed for production cutting of semi-rigid coaxial cable. This saw runs at 8000 max rpms and uses a 3" solid carbide blade to produce clean precise cuts with no significant smear or burr. Cut time is one second. Blade width is .0185. Saw cuts .141 diameter coax and all smaller sizes using interchangeable guide blocks available in standard sizes of .047, .086 diameters. We can also do custom sizes upon request. This tool is designed for cable assemblies that rely on extremely precise cut length. It will consistently hold a 0.0005" tolerance. The repeatability is necessary when building phase matched cables and also when the cut length is deemed critical. The operator can read the desired length in inches or millimeter by "one touch" control. Two foot base is standard with custom lengths available.


  • V groove trough design allows clamping and cutting of either size.

  • Hold-down clamp prevents vibration and yields cleaner, more accurate cuts.

  • Carbide blade produces smear-free cuts,

  • Overall cut length tolerance is +/- 0.0005" when normal cleanliness procedures are followed. This is the most important feature for repeatability of bent cable designs and phase matching requirements when necessary.

  • Two foot base is standard. Custom lengths are available upon request.

  • Note: Contact the factory for custom adapters for 0.020", 0.034", and 0.047" diameter cables. 0.250" cable can be cut with the T-500-250.

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