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T-500 Cut Off Saw

The T-500 Cut Off Saw is designed for production cutting of 0.086" and 0.141" diameter semi-rigid coaxial cable. Actual cutting time is approximately one second. The cut is performed easily by using the fingers of one hand to pull down with a chopping motion through the cable.


  • V groove trough design allows clamping and cutting of either size.

  • Hold-down clamp prevents vibration and yields cleaner, more accurate cuts.

  • Carbide blade produces smear-free cuts

  • Overall cut length tolerance is +/- 0.002" when normal cleanliness procedures are followed. This is the most important feature for repeatability of bent cable designs and phase matching requirements when necessary.

  • Two foot base is standard. Custom lengths are available upon request.

  • Note: Contact the factory for custom adapters for 0.020", 0.034", and 0.047" diameter cables. 0.250" cable can be cut with the T-500-250.

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