Custom Built Cable Assemblies

The Seven Associates Cable Assembly Facility is integrated with a full service machine shop. This capability enables competitive assembly ideas to be effectively incorporated into the production process. Specialized tooling and fixturing is often necessary on many subcontract type programs. Utilizing this same expertise, Seven Associates is able to accomodate a broad range of cable requirements.


Systems with all types of sub-assembly machining and precision secondary operations including custom fitting, pinning, drilling and threading are also a solicited capability. Typically after necessary plating and mechanical assembly, the wiring and soldering is performed. Such work is usually performed for customers with demanding military contracts.

Quality Assurance

Seven Associates quality assurance department provides a MIL-I-45208A inspection system which has been surveyed and approved by many of the leaders in the aerospace and electronics industry as well as the United States Defense Logistics Agency. Statistical monitoring of processes and inspection data are important tools utilized by Seven Associates, resulting in the high acceptance rates our customers rely on.

Facilities and Capabilites

Semi-Rigid Cable Department

  • Vibration-Proof solder joings using RF Induction Heating Process (Seven Associates Model B-1A)
  • Engineering services, including cable design into chassis enclosures. CAD/CAM prints available.
  • Approximately 30 each of Seven Associates' automatic production line tools
  • Automatic Bending (Using Seven Associates model T-7000)
  • Guaranteed assemblies up to 26.5 GHz

  • Flexible Cable Department

  • Connector assembly "by the book"
  • Nearly 100 diferent connector crimpers in inventory
  • Custom wiring, harnessing from schematics
  • Specializing in custom RF coax cable to customers' prints

  • Potting & Molding Department

  • Urethanes, silicones and epoxies
  • Polypropylene injection molding

  • Cutting
    RF Switches